Electro-Optic Beam Deflection

AdvR has developed a process for creating a series of electro-optic prisms in an electro-optic material through a domain reversal process to achieve voltage-controlled laser light deflection capable of high optical power and high transmission. Many poled configurations are available to maximize beam deflection performance for specific applications. The technology supports operation from the visible to the infrared at power levels up to about 5 watts CW.

Optical Fiber Switch

AdvR has developed a 1×35 programmable fiber switch for a NASA fiber lidar system. This technology is based on a 2-dimensional arrangement of AdvR’s electro-optic beam deflectors enabling rapid switching speeds and high optical power capability not practical with MOEMS and waveguide technologies. Internal beam scanning minimize the number of optical components needed resulting in a compact package with high device throughput.

Switch Specs
Input 1 single mode 1064nm, Panda PM with FC/APC
Output 35 single mode fibers, non PM, FC/APC
Optical Loss < 1.5dB (> 70% transmission)
Optical Power multi-Watt cw or > 200uJ @ 3ns pulses, 1064nm
Max Voltage +/- 2000V in X, +/- 2000V in Y
Switch Rate dc to MHz fiber to fiber
Fiber Density 6 cm3 per fiber
Fiber Cross Talk <-30dB

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