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KTP Waveguides
KTP Waveguides
Potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) is a nonlinear optical material that can be used for a variety of frequency conversion applications (both Type I and II), Bragg stabilization, and phase modulation. 

AdvR has the ability to custom manufacture waveguides for your application, including the ability to create multi-element waveguides with multiple interactions per waveguide. AdvR also offers fiber packaged options for our waveguides.

AdvR can address many research needs:

- Type I and Type II interactions
- High power handling
- Increased conversion efficiency
  using embedded waveguides
- Frequency Conversion within
  KTP's transparency range of 350-4500 nm
- Second Harmonic Generation
- Sum Frequency Generation or Upconversion
- Difference Frequency Generation
- Downconversion

SHG from a KTP waveguide.
Examples of 488 nm and 532 nm SHG
KTP Waveguide chips.
KTP waveguide chips
Previous AdvR customer applications:

- Quantum Key Detection (QKD),
- Type I and II Upconversion and downconversion    for Quantum Information Science Technology applications
- Efficient SHG throughout the visible
   spectrum (400-800 nm)
- Near UV Generation (365-400 nm)

Waveguide chip pricing will depend on level of development required.

For quote information please contact us.

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