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Electro-Optic Modulators

AdvR's optical modulators take advantage of the electro-optic properties of nonlinear optical materials KTP & Mg:LN. These materials can manipulate a laser input without the use of mechanical components. The single element beam control results in rapid, programmable modulation with low optical loss.

High Power Fiber Coupled Optical Phase Modulators

KTP waveguide-based proprietary design
High power operation - fiber coupled output > 500mW (1064 nm)
Operating wavelength - visible to near IR (customer specified)
Low Vpi: ~6 V (780 nm)
3dB Bandwidth: ~ 5 GHz
RF configuration: resonant or broadband
Insertion Loss: ~ 6 dB
Input fiber : PMF
Output fiber: PMF or SMF
Optical Connectors : FC/APC standard (others available)

AdvR Phase Modulator

For information regarding AdvR's modulation technology, please contact us.

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