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Looking for a Photonics Career in Montana?

We are seeking to fill a position related to advancing our general waveguide fabrication and ferroelectric domain patterning efforts. This includes characterization of a material's nonlinear optical performance.
    General requirements
  • B.S. and above in physics, optics, physical chemistry, engineering
  • work productivity in a fast paced, research type environment with frequently changing priorities.
  • proficiency in technical writing and oral communication
  • ability to work in a team or independently
  • knowledge and experience using LabView, Origin, MatLab, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • optics lab experience using a wide variety of laser sources, fiber and free space optics, and test equipment in the visible and IR wavelengths
    Job includes:
  • electric poling for quasi-phase matching and other material engineering
  • developing material characterization process
  • building state of the art integrated photonics devices
  • testing, characterizing, and analyzing optical and electro-optical systems

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